On February 7, 2024, Mrs. Suwanich Phookajorn, Mrs. Sakonwan  Phookajorn Wong, Dr. Khajornwan  Phookajorn, administrators of Triam Nanachat Phookajorn School, organized a "25th anniversary celebration of the founding of the school. (from seedlings to big trees) and celebrating the Chinese New Year” at the Sugarcane Farmers Association Auditorium, District 6, Kamphaeng Phet, Mueang Kamphaeng Phet District. The opening ceremony began with Mr. Chatip Rujanaseree, Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province. Presiding over the incense lighting ceremony For good fortune

   Then, Mrs. Sakonwan Phukhajorn Wong, licensee of Triam Nanachat Phukajorn School, revealed that this school is open to teach Thai, English and Chinese to students from kindergarten to Grade 6, encouraging them. Students learn about Chinese culture and beautiful traditions. This is a tradition that has been passed down for thousands of years. that students can apply knowledge in their daily lives In addition, the school has marked the 25th anniversary of its founding. Therefore, today's event has been organized.

   Mr. Chatip Rujanaseree, Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province, revealed that the Chinese New Year Festival It is one of the important festivals of the Chinese people. Because it is considered a new year according to the Chinese calendar. which is similar to the Thai Songkran festival Because it is considered to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year. It is preparation for the beginning of good things in the following year. Every Chinese person will give importance to this day. It is celebrated around the world, especially by the large community of people of Chinese descent. Windows and doors are decorated with red paper cutouts and are paired with the themes of “good luck,” “happiness,” “wealth,” and “long life.” Chinese New Year traditions are dedicated to reconciliation. Forget the discord and sincerely wish peace and happiness to everyone. Triamnanachat Phukajorn School Realized the importance of Chinese culture and language. There is a teaching program for Chinese language. which is another important language that students can apply knowledge in their daily lives Therefore organized this activity. The objective is to encourage students to learn about Chinese traditions through hands-on practice. As a result, students will have more skills and understanding of Chinese culture.

   Then entered the opening ceremony. The chairman of the ceremony along with school administrators and dignitaries joined in pouring tea for the opening ceremony, with children and students performing a dragon dance. At the event were Mr. Anucha Patsathan, Deputy Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province, Mrs. Kanchanee Rujanaseree, President of the Red Cross Society of Kamphaeng Phet Province. Heads of government agencies, the private sector, and parents participated in the activity.

   Performance activities for students such as Dagu performance Chinese opera performance Dragon-lion show Chinese music performance Performance of the generals angel show Drama performances from seedlings...to small ones, tea making, kindergarten level performances. Chinese calligraphy elementary school performance Among the parents who came to watch, they brought their phones to take both still photos and videos as souvenirs.

งานฉลองครบรอบ 25 ปี การก่อตั้งโรงเรียน (จากต้นกล้าสู่ไม้ใหญ่)
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