What are the skills and habits of wisdom? Let's see!

  1. The skill of being confident in one's own abilities, providing opportunities and space for children to be proud of their own achievements.
  2. Motivation skills Let children discover their own interests. leads to a desire to learn.
  3. Hard work skills Give children encouragement to practice. Don't give up before you succeed.
  4. Responsibility skills Let children learn their own responsibilities.
  5. Readiness skills for action Make children ready and brave to take action.
  6. Perseverance and perseverance skills Let the children persevere, try, practice, and not give up halfway.
  7. Generosity skills Allow children to communicate with friends and family in a supportive and happy way.
  8. Skills and ability to work in groups Let children learn to accept, communicate, and cooperate with others.
  9. Common sense skills Let children learn to make correct decisions. Dare to deny what is wrong.
  10. Creative problem solving skills Let the children see the problem Analyze and find solutions to problems with new ideas.
  11. Skills for having purpose in work Let children know how to set goals, make plans, and act until they reach their goals.
  12. Respect skills Respect for oneself and others Let children learn to accept differences, understand, appreciate, and respect others equally.

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