On Friday, January 28, 2022 at 09.30, Pannawit Sukphon (Nong Shin Seoul) received a plaque for the Outstanding Child and Youth Award 2022 from the Minister of Education. by assigning the Office of Education, Kamphaeng Phet Province Performing for outstanding children and young people for the year 2022 to receive an award plaque from the Governor of Kamphaeng Phet Province. on behalf of the Minister of Education at the main auditorium, Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Government Center From the work of the boy Pannawit Sukphon (Nong Shin Seoul) and bring fame to the nation for the year 2022 as follows

  1. Silver Medal Science and Mathematics Talent Development Project Institute of Teaching Science and Technology (NSTDA)
  2. Award for the highest score of the 1st place in the country in the science knowledge test project Wisdom Enhancement Project
  3. Represent Thailand Participate in disseminating and exchanging Thai culture In the seminar forum for new international education management
  4. 1st prize in the country, Gold Medal, Science Competition, Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Test (TEDET)
  5. Selected as a representative of the country to compete in Asmo International 2021 Indonesia won the gold medal in the Science Olympiad
  6. Selected as a representative of Thailand to compete in Philippine International Math and Science Olympics (Pimso) year 2021, Philippines won the gold medal of Science Olympiad
  7. was selected as a representative of Thailand Compete in Mathematics and Science 2021 International Olympics Indonesia 18th International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) won the Science Olympiad Silver Medal.