Friday, February 11, 2022, Triamnachat Phukhajon School and TCE International School Representatives of the management team, teachers and students brought 100 portable air purifiers to the Red Cross Office, Kamphaeng Phet Province. It was honored by Mr. Nuanchan Saeng-uthai, Prime Minister of the Red Cross of Kamphaeng Phet Province. as an assignee and Kamphaeng Phet Hospital by Dr. Aciyaphat Inthapong and Dr. Pongsatorn Patiwethawitoon, recipients

Due to the crisis situation of small dust or PM 2.5 that is higher than the standard and the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus which affects health and daily living And with concern for the medical staff and the public, the school would like to send care and encouragement to medical personnel. Operations staff and all citizens